In hot and cold drinks

In cold drinks
Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger tastes especially good in fruit or vegetable juice. The choice is yours, apple juice, orange juice, carrot juice, tomato juice.....whatever you prefer! Try for yourself and see which fruit or vegetable best harmonizes the spicy, sharp taste of ginger. Many people swear by a blend with unfiltered apple juice.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger
Contains no alcohol

Contains no sugar / sweetener

Contains no preservatives

In hot drinks
When the weather is changeable a hot tea with ginger or a glass of hot ginger water is particularly good – beneficial and warming. With Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger this is achieved in no time at all, with no time-consuming peeling and boiling. Simply add 15 drops to the finished hot drink. And, most importantly: all of the valuable substances from the ginger root are retained. In contrast, when cut ginger roots are boiled or simmered the essential oils are often rapidly lost through evaporation.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger not only taste good in black or green teas, they also enhance the flavour of fruit teas. And why not try them in vegetable or chicken soup.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger

Be creative!
An unusual combination, if you like things to be sweet as well as hot and spicy: hot cocoa with ginger drops. Or how about spicing up your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail with Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger. The benevolent spiciness of our ginger drops can turn many beverages into a completely new taste experience!

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