Contains no alcohol, no sugar and no preservatives

Contains no alcohol
Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger is produced completely without alcohol. The organic ginger that we use is extracted in a special, gentle and natural process, enabling us to completely refrain from the use of standard solvents such as alcohol. Plants are frequently processed with the aid of alcohol, with the consequence that many products in drop form frequently contain significant levels of alcohol.

If you wish to avoid alcohol, or have to do so, then our liquid ginger is just the thing for you.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger
Contains no alcohol

Contains no sugar / sweetener

Contains no preservatives

Contains no sugar or sweetener
We do not use sugar or any form of sweetener. This is important if you are suffering from diabetes, are on a diet or generally wish to avoid superfluous calories.

Bring your organism into line - without overloading your body.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger

Highly durable - even without preservatives
Even without preservatives, Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger has a minimum shelf life of three years. Opened bottles can still be used for at least three months when closed again properly after use.

And remember to shake the bottle before use to ensure that all of the ingredients are well mixed – as with unfiltered fruit juice.

2 x daily
20 drops – or
around ½ a teaspoon -
in juice or water 

Vegan, lactose free and gluten free
Animal products are not used in the manufacturing process of Dr. Muche’s Liquid Ginger. The drops are vegan and also lactose free and gluten free.

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