A few drops –
a major effect

We recommend:
20 drops twice a day - or around ½ a teaspoon - of Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger in a hot or cold drink.

You decide how spicy your drink should be: measure out the quantity of juice or water that Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger is to be added to. If you fill a common water glass half full with fruit juice, you will still be able to clearly taste the beneficial, gingery spiciness.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger
Contains no alcohol

Contains no sugar / sweetener

Contains no preservatives

Milder for children
If your child does not like spicy tastes, Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger can be added to yogurt, for example. Yogurt masks the spiciness, which only takes effect once in the stomach. Parents have told us that they drizzle Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger onto a piece of apple or apple cake. Older children often like the spiciness of ginger.

Spiciness for the brave
And if you like it hot: Experience to create your own special ginger cocktail!

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger

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