Highest quality

Modern specialized procedure
Dr. Muche’s liquid ginger with thyme is produced using a special modern process: The ginger root extract and the thyme extract are produced at low temperatures using liquid carbon dioxide. The result are particularly high-quality extracts in which the pungent bodies typical of ginger (gingerols and shogaols) and the essential oils of ginger and thyme (thymol and carvacrol) are retained in their entirety. These valuable components are lost when ginger and thymian is boiled to prepare tea, for example.

Another advantage of this special process is that alcohol can be completely dispensed with as a solvent.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger with Thyme
Contains no alcohol

Contains no sugar / sweetener

Contains no preservatives

Made in Germany
Our Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger is produced and bottled in Germany. All ingredients used are of dispensatory quality and meet the standards of pharmaceutical purity. Animal products are not used in the manufacturing process of Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger with Thyme

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