Ginger in the kitchen

A versatile spice
In the kitchen Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger is a successful addition to your spice rack. And you can also put them on the table at mealtimes: then everyone can determine their own individual "ginger strength" – precise doses are no problem with Dr. Muche's ginger drops.

The flavour of ginger suits almost everything, from meat to fish, vegetables and salad. Ginger is a vital ingredient of Asian cuisine, in particular.

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger
Contains no alcohol

Contains no sugar / sweetener

Contains no preservatives

Remember that heating at high temperatures leads to the evaporation of precious essential oils, for example, so only add Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger at the end of the cooking process. This also applies for most spices, by the way!

Dr. Muche's Liquid Ginger

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